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The Roach, the roach is on the wall

Sing with me all you peeps who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s…

The roach, the roach,

The roach is on the wall,

We don’t need no Raid,

Let the mother flipper crawl.

Crawl mother flipper, crawl.

I had to change the lyrics a bit to keep it PG. Can’t be dropping f-bombs on here. We are a family site, for heaven’s sake.

Anyhoo, contrary to the song lyrics, let me tell you, if this bug blogger sees a roach crawling on the wall, the LAST thing I am going to do is let that mother flipper crawl. That is not happening.


As summer continues in full force, cockroaches continue to thrive as well. Summer is their jam. Not only does the warm weather draw them out of their cold weather hiding places, but spring and summer are actually breeding seasons for cockroaches, which means, roach mamas and roach daddies are looking for love so they can make those roach babies.

So, using my superior common core math skills: roaches emerging plus roaches breeding equals…wait for it… lots more roaches. And this sums up why there are so many roaches in the summer. In addition, the heat and humidity draw them into our laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. That is a hard pass for me.

Not only are they hideously unsightly, but they also carry disease-causing bacteria and have mastered the art of contaminating food. So, whatcha gonna do about ‘em? If you see them on a wall, are you going to let those mother flippers crawl? I didn’t think so.

How To Get Rid of Roaches?

Here’s a good place to start:

  1. Clean, clean, and clean some more. Empty trashes often, wash dirty dishes, clean up crumbs and other food debris quickly, etc.
  2. Get rid of standing water. Roaches need water just like people do, so not having it readily available to them will help in the fight to get rid of them.
  3. Protect your food. Store food in containers that are roach-proof to eliminate their access to getting their grub on.
  4. Keep it chill. Roaches love the heat, so keeping your house cool will deter roaches from making your house their home.
  5. Seal up and treat any roach-sized entry points. If there are spaces around windows, doors, pipes, cracks in the foundation, etc. that a roach could fit through – they will find it, so seal it up. As far as the treating part of the process, that is where comes in. has professional grade roach eradicating products like Alpine Cockroach Gel Bait, Advion Cockroach Bait Arenas, Maxforce Impact Roach Gel Bait, and a boatload of other options (click HERE) that can be used to treat the points of entry.
  6. Give us a call. trained professionals are ready and available to help you with any of your cockroach issues.

If there is a roach on your wall, don’t ever just let that mother flipper crawl, because if you do, before you know it, you just might have a giant infestation on your hands.

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