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Pesticide Products

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Pesticide Suppliers delivering Pesticide Products all across USA

At How To Pest, we offer a sophisticated range of pesticide solutions, designed to tackle a variety of pest challenges. Whether you’re facing stubborn insect infestations or persistent rodent problems, our selection caters to every need with unmatched efficacy.

Enjoy fast, free shipping, and expert advice from our team. Browse our selection and find the perfect solution for your needs.

Explore Our Range of Pesticide Products

  • Broad-Spectrum Insecticides: Our collection includes a range of solutions targeting a wide array of insects. From flying to crawling pests, our insecticides are formulated to provide quick and effective control.


  • Rodent Control: Discover our solutions specifically designed to combat rodent infestations. These products offer potent results against rats and mice.


  • Garden and Lawn Care: Protect your outdoor spaces with our garden and lawn-specific pesticides. These products are engineered to safeguard your green areas from pests while nurturing the health of your plants.


  • Bait and Gel Formulations: Explore our range of baits and gels, offering discreet and targeted pest control. These products are perfect for handling infestations in sensitive areas, providing control with minimal disruption.

Easy Preventive Pest Control

Want to keep your home pest-free? Start by treating the outside of your house. It’s the best first step to stop insects from coming in.

General Tips: To keep lots of different insects away, spray around your house with water-based concentrates such as Cyzmic CS. If ants are your main worry, Navigator SC works really well. 

Need help choosing? Contact us at 877-708-1974 for advice on the best products. 


Pesticides are chemicals or biological agents designed to control pests. They include a broad range of compounds, such as:

  • Insecticides: Target insects.
  • Herbicides: Used to kill or inhibit the growth of unwanted plants.
  • Fungicides: Combat fungal infections in plants.
  • Rodenticides: Aimed at controlling rodent populations.

Yes, pesticides can be harmful to humans, especially when there is exposure to large quantities. Such exposure can lead to acute poisoning and potentially have long-term health effects, such as increased risk of cancer.

Yes, pesticides can be washed off from produce like fruits and vegetables. Washing with tap water is considered an effective method for removing pesticide residues in general household settings.

Common household pesticides include boric acid and its derivatives. These are commonly used to control roaches, ants, termites, and other crawling indoor pests.


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