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Termite Tornado

‘Round here, every year around springtime is what we like to call termite tornado season, or for the “lay folk” termite swarming season! Termite swarming season is where the winged adult termites come out in swarms to mate and form new colonies. Bow chicka wow wow!

Termite Swarmer FAQ’s:

Termite Swarmer

Q. What Is The Difference Between a Termite Swarmer and a Flying Ant?

Winged Ant vs. Termite Swarmer

Q. When Is Termite Swarming Season?

A. We tend to start seeing swarming termites at the start of spring or when the weather warms up around March or April. If you are seeing swarmers, you most likely have a termite nest somewhere close, maybe in a tree or in/under your home.

Q. What Should I Do If I See Termite Swarmers In My House?

A. You will definitely want to make sure that you are dealing with termite swarmers and not winged ants. The good news is termite swarmers do not cause structural damage, the structural damage is done by the worker termites. You can eliminate the swarmers by using a termite pesticide like Taurus SC termiticide which will eliminate the problem at hand but you will definitely want to do a complete inspection of your property because these guys are coming from somewhere close.

Termite Swarmers in Windowsill

Q. How Do I Do A Termite Inspection On My Home?

A. We all know that termites consume wood (cellulose to be exact) but they will also bore through other materials to get to the wood! So, when inspecting your home or property you will want to look for hollowed out wood or tree stumps, mud tubes or bubbled paint. It will be important to treat those areas with a termiticide then to replace the wood or seal any cracks or crevices.

Termites work non-stop to keep their bellies full which can cause you several thousands of dollars if not taken care of quickly! Don’t let the termite tornado take your home away!

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