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Round and Round…Ratt or Rat? How To Get Rid of Rats.

How To Get Rid of Rats-

We’ve all seen the home insurance commercial where the happy couple sits on the couch and describes how much they love their new home with the walk-in closets and original crown molding before busting out that they do have a rat problem. And then, standing front and center, leather clad and in all its 80’s […]

Fall Pest Guide: Top 7 Pests To Look Out For This Fall.

Top 7 Pests to look out for this fall season -

Did you know that Fall is the most beloved time of the year? Ok, maybe I made that up, but it is definitely my favorite time of the year! I mean how can you not love the brisk, cool mornings and the bright, orange and yellow colors of the fall leaves and the pumpkin lattes? […]

Valentine’s Day! Baby Season.

Valentine's Day, Baby Season for animals -

Ahh parenthood, one could say there is no greater blessing. Fun fact, February 14th or Valentine’s Day is the 3rd most common day of conception. So, if you are born at the beginning of November, you are most likely a Valentine’s Day hook-up! Well, when it comes to raccoons, skunks and other urban wildlife, they […]

5 Essential Ways To Pest-Proof Your Home This Winter

5 Essential Ways To Pest-Proof Your Home This Winter -

If you keep up with our blogs you probably have read our many tips on how to pest-proof your home. Rather than going back through all of them, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share our top bug-proofing tips in one spot. In most parts of the country the winter weather […]

🎵Tis’ The Season To Hear Scratching🎵. Rats In The Attic.

How To Get Rid of Roof Rats - Rats in the attic -

Tis’ the season! No, I’m not talking about Christmas, I am talking about rats. In all fairness, hearing scratching in your attic doesn’t always mean it is rats, it could be mice, it could be raccoons, heck it could even be pigeons. But, since it is late October and the time when rats start making […]

Oh Rats!

How To Get Rid of Rats

Besides humans, a plethora of insects, (yes, this bug blogger used the word plethora!), and a host of other pests, want to know what else is more active in the summer months? Rats. Those nasty, beady-eyed, long-tailed, disease-carrying creatures that nightmares and horror movies are made of. Rats spend the summer hooking up, fattening up, […]


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