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Rat Blog – How To Pest

Besides humans, a plethora of insects, (yes, this bug blogger used the word plethora!), and a host of other pests, want to know what else is more active in the summer months? Rats. Those nasty, beady-eyed, long-tailed, disease-carrying creatures that nightmares and horror movies are made of.

Rats spend the summer hooking up, fattening up, and getting ready for the winter. So, not that much different from people. They are nocturnal and are most active between dusk and dawn, and even though they might spend some time outdoors, they are sneaky little suckers that will return at night, usually by crawling through your drains to get back into your house.

If you’ve got rats, you probably already know that they can cause damage to your property, they spread diseases, they contaminate food, and they can cause fires by chewing up electrical wires. So, you don’t need me keeping you in suspense on how to get rid of them. Let’s dig in.


Rats need food and water and shelter to survive. Since that is also what humans need, it isn’t likely that we can simply do away with these things entirely. And since they aren’t likely to leave on their own, there is work to be done. By you. So get your big girl panties on and get after it. The sooner the better because where there’s one rat, there are many.

Fill ‘em up!

Since rats can squeeze into an opening the size of a quarter, get busy filling any holes you might find that are this size or bigger. Actually, if you find any holes at all, you should fill them so that other pests don’t make your house their home.

Huck ‘em out!

You can’t get rid of your food, but you can make it more difficult for them to find their meals. Make sure your pantry foods are in sealed containers. Keep your trash cans covered at all times. If you have a garden or trees that produce any type of produce, pick it as it ripens. Huck out anything that falls to the ground. If you have pets, keep their pet food inside or in rodent proof containers.

Remove Rat Hiding Places

Send ‘em packing!

Get rid of the things that make them want to stay. Remove limbs, that old car that you’ve had on blocks for the last decade, the old refrigerator that stopped working years ago, and any other debris (aka crap) or vegetation that rats might consider ideal hiding places. Any wood piles or lumber should be stored at least 18 inches above the ground and away from your house.

Chop ‘em down!

Keep rats from making their way onto your walls and roof by trimming down branches, limbs, and shrubs that either butt up next to or come within four feet of your home. Rats are not known for having wicked leaping abilities, so this distance should be sufficient.

Set ‘em up!

Rat traps are one of the most effective ways to get rid of rats fast. There are a number of options, and your trusty friends at have all of them. Check them out:

     Be sure to follow directions closely so that your loved ones are kept safe from harm. Not sure what will be best for you and your rat situation? Give us a call or send us a message. One of our rat specialists will be happy to help.

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