So, they might not be able to rock you like a hurricane, but if you get stung by one, it’s going to hurt like a mother. Yep, I’m talking about scorpions, the eight-legged variety, not the heavy metal band. With approximately 1,200 scorpion species in the world and 70 or so in the United States, you are bound to come across one at some point.

While scorpions prefer deserts or semi-arid regions, scorpions can be found in a number of types of dry habitats. Most like to chill under logs, rocks, boards, and debris or clutter, but there are some species that find vertical surfaces like walls and trees a perfect spot to get some chillaxing in. During periods when the weather reaches hideously high temperatures, scorpions just might make their way into homes to get a little reprieve.

Scorpion Fun Facts:

Need to get rid of scorpions?

So, to sum up, scorpions are nuisance pests, like spiders, mites, and ticks. They aren’t aggressively trying to sting humans; it just happens when they feel like they need to defend themselves. Do we want them around our kids, or pets, or feet? Not even close, especially not those nine-inchers. Talk about heebeejeebees. Thankfully has professional-grade pesticides that will take care of any scorpion situation you might have. Check out the products available HERE. Scorpions, heavy metal band or eight-legged stinging machines, might make their way into your home or onto your property, but you get to choose which gets to stay.

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