Is It a Water Bug or a Cockroach?

Waterbug VS. Cockroach Blog

Your guide to proper identification, it is not what you think! You may be shocked to hear that this pest pro. (in my early years) did not know the difference between water bugs and cockroaches! Yep! Just like most people, I grew up thinking cockroaches were “aka” water bugs, so I never corrected our pest […]

Can I Do My Own Pest Control? Um…Ya!

You Can DIY Pest Control

If you have found your way to our website, then you are most likely having some sort of pest control issue. Hopefully it’s not 2 a.m. and you are on the internet frantically searching “how to get rid of bed bugs”! Now what? You probably have a lot of questions, well, have no fear! […]

Round and Round…Ratt or Rat? How To Get Rid of Rats.

Mouse bass player

We’ve all seen the home insurance commercial where the happy couple sits on the couch and describes how much they love their new home with the walk-in closets and original crown molding before busting out that they do have a rat problem. And then, standing front and center, leather clad and in all its 80’s […]

Fall Pest Guide: Top 7 Pests To Look Out For This Fall.


Did you know that Fall is the most beloved time of the year? Ok, maybe I made that up, but it is definitely my favorite time of the year! I mean how can you not love the brisk, cool mornings and the bright, orange and yellow colors of the fall leaves and the pumpkin lattes? […]

What are Bagworms and How Do I Get Rid of Them?

Bagworm Cocoons

What is a bagworm? If you have ever dealt with a Bagworm infestation, you know that they are no joke! Bagworms while mostly prevalent in the Eastern United States are highly destructive and can cause permanent damage to shrubs and trees. The little “pine coneish” sac that you see is actually the cocoon of the […]

Why Do I Have So Many Spiders?

Why Do I have So Many Spiders

It never fails, come June/July, the spider calls come rolling in like clockwork. So, if you are reading this and wondering “Ya, why do I have so many spiders in my home?” Well, is here to answer all your spider questions! WHEN DO SPIDERS HAVE BABIES? Because there are so many species of spiders, […]

The Stink Beetle, Pinacate Beetle


If you live in the Southwest region of the United States, you most likely have come across the Pinacate Beetle or Stink Beetle. They are a very common addition to most walking trails; in fact I can pretty much guarantee I will see several of stink beetles while walking my favorite trail. If I get […]

How To Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks


I remember when I was a kid, I was sitting on the carpet in the den. I felt a sting of sorts on my ankle, I gave my sock a rub and continued what I was doing. A couple of minutes later, I felt it again! I pulled my sock down to see what was […]

Patience, Young Grasshopper.


If you grew up in the 60’s and 70’s you know exactly who the young Grasshopper is! For those of you youngin’s, there was a show in the early 70’s named Kung Fu. Man, that show was awesome! I’m not going to mention any names, but I do know someone that had a secret attraction […]

HTP’s Guide To Springtime Pests🌼

Springtime Pests

Being on the west coast, we don’t really have a clear division between Winter and Spring. We don’t get snow or even much frost for that matter, so my best indication for when it is Spring…when I can smell the orange blossoms and when the grass starts to grow a lot faster. 😍 To be […]