What is an IGR?

If you are like me, when I decide to take on a project, I will research the heck out of it! I will find out every which way to do that specific task. Well, pest control is no different! If you have done some research, you may have come across something called IGRs or Insect Growth Regulators. What is an IGR? Well, in a nutshell… Insect Growth Regulators or IGRs are birth control for bugs.

How Does an igr work?

One way an IGR works by mimicking the natural growth hormone in the insect’s body by causing the insect to grow into adults before their body is ready to reproduce thus making them develop into sterile adults. Another way an IGR can work is by blocking the development of the insect exoskeleton or “chitin” which in turn causes the insect to die during the molting process.

Which IGR To Use?

How to use an igr

Using an IGR is more of a strategy than a quick knockdown. Using an IGR alone could take months to achieve your desired results because you are not killing individual insects, you are preventing future populations from emerging. So, your best way to use an IGR is to use it in conjunction with an insecticide spray or bait, that way you will see the quick knockdown that you desire as well as blocking the development of future infestations.

IGR Features:

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