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Top 5 Pests That Do the Most Damage to Your Home.

Top 5 Most Damaging Pests -

Ever wondered what creatures could be gnawing away at your beloved home without you even realizing it? It’s not a pleasant thought and even less pleasant to your pocketbook.  But, knowing what to keep an eye out for can save you a whole lot of money in the long run.  Let us talk about the […]

What Is An IGR and Why Do You Need It?

What Is An IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) and Why Do You Need It -

If you are like me, when I decide to take on a project, I will research the heck out of it! I will find out every which way to do that specific task. Well, pest control is no different! If you have done some research, you may have come across something called IGRs or Insect […]

A Nightmare on Elm Street? Cockroaches…

What a cockroach looks like - How to get rid of cockroaches -

I’m willing to guess Freddy Krueger likely wasn’t the only nightmare on Elm Street. It is said they were here long before us, and they will be here long after us. Cockroaches. Now, you need to get rid of the disgusting cockroach. The things that nightmares are made of. If there is a warm, dark, […]

Not a Creature Was Stirring…Wait, What Was That?

ants make Christmas tree and Santa Claus for New Year

Think you are safe from pests in the winter? Think again. Winter pests are far more common than you think. While there might not be mosquitos feeding on your limbs and ruining your backyard bar-b-cue, there are plenty of other pests that will need your attention during the winter months. Mice, cockroaches, spiders, and bed […]


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