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Springtime Pests

Oh, that wonderful time of the year when the chill is no longer in the air and there is evidence of new life everywhere we look. Flowers are in bloom, grass is lush and green, trees are bursting with new leaves, and the springtime pests that you’ve missed so much over the cold winter months have come to pay you a visit. Oh wait, back the truck up and scratch that last one. I am pretty sure no one misses having springtime pests in their home, well, unless you are a whackadoo.

So, as spring (aka the beginning of pest season) approaches, there are a number of pests that take great pleasure in getting all up in our business. Since you are likely on the edge of your seat, instead of keeping you in suspense any longer, let’s jump on in and get this springtime pest reveal party started.


First on the super-exclusive list is the ever-so-popular ant: carpenter ants, pavement ants, and the category of ants affectionately called, pain-in–the-bootie ants, which are basically all ants. As soon as the temperatures warm up, they strip off their wool socks and down jackets and search for new locations to find food. That new location just might be your home.


Bees are next in line. After spending their winter snuggled up next to their bee besties to stay warm, they are ready for some sunshine and space. A three-month long slumber party for any species is too long, so as soon as that warmer weather hits, bees are more than ready to spread their wings and do what bees do – which just might involve their stinger and your flesh.


During the colder months, mosquitoes hibernate in hollow logs, animal burrows, basements, or storm drains to ride out the winter temperatures. March and April are prime months because as soon as the temperature consistently stays at 50 degrees in the evenings, it’s mosquito time. Eggs that were laid before the winter start hatching, and the adult mosquitoes that were riding out the cold emerge from their cozy winter homes ready for their next blood meal – which just might happen to be you.


As the weather turns warmer and the days get longer, spring brings forth a fresh batch of spiders that are trying their hardest to make their way into your home. Mama spiders emerge from their winter hiding place in search of the perfect spot to lay her next batch of eggs. If your home is warm and welcoming, that perfect spot just might be your super cozy, oh-so-toasty bedroom, closet, bathroom, or kitchen.


Each spring, after the weather starts getting warmer, swarming season for termites begins, usually after a significant amount of rain. While termites take to the air in a swarm (hence the name, swarming season), lady termites hook up with their baby daddies to reproduce and create new colonies. It is basically the mile-high club for termites.

Of course, these aren’t the only pests that make their presence known in the spring, there are so many others, including rats and mice, but I will save that for another blog! A proper spring cleaning to get rid of anything that might be an attractant and taking advantage of the products available at are preventative measures that will help you enjoy the warmer weather without the hassle of springtime pests.

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