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Bug Bite Identification

If you are anything like me, at the first sign of a bug bite, I go in panic mode! Is it a mosquito bite? Is it a brown recluse spider bite? Is the venom going to start eating my flesh? Then, the next hour is spent on WebMD investigating spider bites and how long I have to live! Thankfully, I have yet to lose a limb or take a trip to the emergency room. 🤪

Bug Bite Identification

Identifying a bug bite(s) can be frustrating but by process of elimination you should be able to get to the blood thirsty source. Were you asleep in your bed, were you playing in the yard? Today we are going to identify the most common bug bites, symptoms and if you need to panic. Just kidding!

1. Ant Bites

I remember when I was probably nine or ten years old, I went to visit my cousin and we went to the neighborhood park. We were playing on the playground and all of the sudden I felt intense pain on my leg and when I looked down my entire foot and calf were covered in red ants. Subsequently, I had been standing on a red ant mound. I can remember this like it was yesterday, it is burned into my mind. This is no lie, after that, every time I am at a park, I think of this event!

Ant bites on a foot and calf

Ant Bite Identification: Small red bumps, possibly with blisters

Ant Bite Symptoms: Swelling, itching, tightness

Pain Level On A Scale From 1-10: 4-5

2. Bed Bug Bites

Most people don’t even know they have bed bugs until they wake up in the morning with bites on their body. Although bed bugs do not carry disease, they can trigger a severe allergic reaction.

Bed bug bites on a woman’s back

Bed Bug Bite Identification: small to medium red bumps, typically in a cluster or in a line. Bed bugs will bite where your skin meets the mattress.

Bed Bug Bite Symptoms: Itchy

Pain Level On A Scale From 1-10: 1-2

3. Flea Bites

While looking for images of flea bites I was again brought back to my childhood. One summer we had a flea infestation. It was a nightmare! My feet and legs must have had a million flea bites! While most people may have smaller bumps, my bites were at least the size of a quarter each. I was miserable. I must have had some sort of reaction from them but luckily, I wasn’t too scarred from the ordeal! 😂

Flea bites on an arm

Flea Bite Identification: Small to medium red bumps mostly on legs and feet

Flea Bite Symptoms: Possible swelling, itching

Pain Level On A Scale From 1-10: 3-4

5. Spider Bites

Ahhhh, the dreaded spider bite! While most spider bites won’t send you to the emergency room, there are spiders such as the brown recluse that can be life threatening! If bitten by a brown recluse spider, you will need to call 911.

Spider Bite Identification: Small red bumps, possibly with blisters

Spider Bite Symptoms: Swelling, itching, tightness, possible fever, nausea and muscle pain

Pain Level On A Scale From 1-10: 2-1,000 (depending on the spider the pain level can vary greatly)


We all know that the best defense is a good offence, therefore, creating a protective barrier around your home can provide your family safety from invading pests. has everything you need to get rid of ants, bed bugs, fleas and spiders! Need help? We have pest control experts ready to chat!

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