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Milli-Vanilli…Millipede Blog

I often am confused at why, when people say that something is “vanilla” they are referencing something that is boring? One, I love vanilla, it is delicious and two, vanilla is a near perfect flavor that is added to most baked items to give them that perfect flavor profile. What does this have to do with millipedes? Honestly, not much but when compared to their cousins the centipedes, millipedes can certainly be labeled the “vanilla” one in the family. Let’s do a short comparison, shall we…

Non-Venomous Front LegsVenomous Front Legs
2 Legs on Each Segment 1 Leg on Each Segment
Slow MovingFast Moving
Eats Decaying Plant MaterialEats Insects and Small Rodents
millipedes vs. centipedes
millipedes and centipedes

What Do Millipedes Look Like?

Well, they look similar to the centipedes but with more legs, I mean a lot more legs! Despite what you may have thought, millipedes do not have a thousand legs, in fact it’s more like 400 legs. Unlike their cousins the centipede, millipedes are predominately non-venomous. They are often seen as more of a nuisance pest than anything else.

Why Do I Have Millipedes In My House?

Just like most pests, when the weather turns to less than ideal, millipedes begin to make their way indoors. Millipedes like damp dark places so you would be most likely to find them in the laundry room, basement or crawlspaces. If this is the case, do not fret, they do not bite. You can take a vacuum hose and remove them that way.

How To Get Rid of Millipedes?

Keeping millipedes away is no different than any other pest. Rules of thumb are: has many products that can help you in your quest to keep millipedes out! As always if you have any more questions we are always here to help!

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