Thanks to the bugs!

As the season of Thanksgiving approaches, we at in good conscience have to give a shout out to those bugs that we love and are thankful for. Unconventional? Maybe, but you gotta give props where props are due.


Obviously, I think by now most of us know the huge benefits that honeybees add to mankind. Honeybees are the true essential workers. Here are just a few benefits of honeybees:


We will probably never know all the benefits that these sweet little honeybees provide, but we at salute you!

Praying Mantises

I just gotta tell you, the praying mantis is my all time favorite insect. I mean really, look at that face! 😍 Here in Southern California, we see these lil guys quite often. Other than being completely adorable, here is the benefit of having a praying mantis in your garden.

Praying Mantis

So next time you are inclined to swat away a praying mantis, think back to this HTP blog and remember, the praying mantis is God’s first pest controller! Again, we at salute you!


Who doesn’t love a ladybug? I think at one time every single one of us has let a cute little ladybug land on us. I know I personally have been a ladybug for Halloween! What are the benefits of ladybugs you ask? Well let me tell you:


This concludes our list of praiseworthy bugs! Honeybees, Praying mantises and Ladybugs, we are thankful for you!

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