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Nightime Fleas

Fleabag motels, flea markets, bed fleas, fleas, fleas, and more fleas. They seem to get around, those fleas. But if their gettin’ around means getting into your home and in particular, your bed, well, now they have gone too far. Way too far.

Hold up. Wait a minute. Did this bug blogger really just say in your bed? Surely, that must be a mistake. But alas, it’s no mistake. Your bed. Fleas are quite fond of warm and cozy environments, and guess what just happens to be warm and cozy? You guessed it. Your bed. You know, that special place you look forward to climbing into every night. The place where you snuggle with your loved ones and where all the magic happens (wink, wink!). That bed.

Well, the magic can happen there for fleas, too. They can hide and lay their baby flea eggs between the sheets, inside pillowcases, and in mattress materials and box springs as well. Once there, flea mamas will produce enough fecal matter to feed the larvae once they hatch from their eggs. This can all be happening In. Your. Bed. Just wanted to make sure you are picking up what I am putting down. Your bed.

How Did I Get Fleas?

So, how did they get there? The obvious answer is your pet. If you are a crazy spinster cat lady, keep in mind that your fur babies might be the source of your additional bedmates. In this instance, sharing is not caring. If you live in a pet-less household, the fleas probably escaped to your house from a neighboring property that was just treated for fleas, or the fleas were a housewarming gift from a previous tenant or owner. Basically, no one is immune to the possibility of bed fleas.


Now, I know that you are probably freaked out about the thought of fleas in your bed, and you should be. Everyone should. Thankfully there are some pretty clear signs you can look for to either confirm your suspicions or prove that your bed is flea-less. Black colored debris or blood stains on your bedding are indicators. (Please note: If you have blood stains on your bed that resemble a crime scene, you have a much bigger problem than fleas.) In addition, besides actually seeing fleas bounce around like your bed is a springboard, another indicator would be the itchy red bites on your skin that you are waking up to in the morning.

How To Get Rid of Fleas

What now? You’ve figured out that you’ve got them, so the next logical step would be to get rid of them, that is, unless you have some weird thing going on and don’t mind sleeping with nasty little blood suckers and their eggs and their larvae, too. To each his own, I guess. But for the rest of us normal people, it’s time to get busy. Start with stripping your bed and washing everything in hot water followed by a nice, hot tumble dry. Fleas like warm and cozy, not hot. They won’t survive the heat. Then get to work on the mattress. Bust out your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the heck out of that mattress. Top and bottom (yes, this will require flipping it). All sides. Multiple times. And then vacuum everything around, under, near your bed. Empty the vacuum when you are done so any eggs that you picked up don’t hatch in there.

The final step in getting rid of your unwanted bedmates is to click HERE and order up the flea-killin’ products that will not only take care of your immediate flea issues, but will also offer a residual effect that will keep fleas from trying to make your bed their home. Only you get to decide who or what you share your bed with.

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