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Black Flies

Black flies, aka black gnats, turkey gnats, and buffalo gnats, can be found throughout the world in all climates from the warmest of warm tropics to the coldest regions of the Arctic Circle. All they need for survival is clean water, something that can give them a continuous supply of blood, and maybe a couple tinder dates. Given that all three are available no matter where you happen to be, it is no surprise that black flies are there, too.

Black flies are biters that are attracted to humans, livestock, or any other mammal that exhales carbon dioxide. If that mammal happens to be wearing dark-colored clothing, perfumes, and is sweaty, even better. You are speaking the black fly’s language of love.

Black Fly Lifecycle

When the lady black fly hears her biological clock ticking and decides it is time to either become a mama or start adopting a bunch of cats, she seeks out a good old fashioned blood meal to become fertile. Once she mates, she will look for the perfect spot to lay her litter of hundreds of eggs. Not being too picky, and working with what she’s given, she will take advantage of a variety of birthing centers which may look shockingly like salty marshes, streams, animal droppings, rain ditches, areas where standing water can be found, barrels, old tires, buckets, birdbaths, pretty much anything that can hold enough water for these little black fly babies to thrive and grow.

Black Fly

Once the eggs hatch, the larva will feed for a couple of weeks before the metamorphosis process happens in their cocoon and they go through the pupal stage. Once they bust out of their cocoon to show off their new and improved fly figures, the males waste no time at all swiping right on the latest fly tinder app in hopes of hooking up with a lady friend so the whole process can start again.

Black Fly Identification

Adult black flies are small and range in size from five millimeters to 15 millimeters. Their thorax area is arched with a hump on it that resembles the profile of a buffalo, hence the nickname buffalo gnat, which basically means they’ve got junk in their trunk. They have large compound eyes, short, stout antennae, a pair of gauze-like, fan-shaped wings, and they finish off their look with short mouthparts that are perfect for sucking blood. Your blood, Your kid’s blood. Your dog’s blood. All blood.

How To Get Rid of Black Flies

So, what can be done to shut down the black fly tinder app so that you can break the reproduction cycle and find freedom from the bloodsucking black fly? It is really quite simple. And if you are on this website, you already know. is not only well versed in the tinder app, (swipe right, baby!) but when it comes to black flies, well, let’s just say that no matter which way they are swiping, the flies are no match for the products available at

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