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Well, there’s a party going on right here, a celebration to last throughout the year…oh wait, you weren’t invited. And, even though it is taking place in your backyard, and more specifically in the garden that you spent countless hours planting, and has the potential to be a parents-are-out-of-town-neighbors-calling-the-cops type of rager, you still didn’t get the invite. So rude. But there is good news. This is one party that you can crash before it gets out of hand and destroys all of your hard work.

Aphids on leaves

Why Do I have Aphids?

Aphids, the notorious partiers that seem to find their way into every garden, are pests that invite all their peeps to join in on the festivities and then wreak havoc on all of your plants. They are tiny soft-bodied insects that spend their mealtimes sucking all of the nutrient-rich liquids out of plants.

When all of their aphid buddies join in on the liquid-sucking fun, it can cause significant damage to the plants, which means that all of the back pain, knee pain, blood, sweat, and tears that you put into your garden will be for nothing.

And did I mention that in addition to inviting all of their friends, family, neighbors, cousins, neighbor’s cousins, etc. to join in on the fun, they are also super-fast breeders? Well, their breeding actually rivals that of a rabbit, which means they multiply quickly and can bust out many generations in one season. So, given all of this super interesting aphid info, the best way to take care of your aphid issues is to get them under control fast, like right now. No, really, RIGHT NOW!

How To Get Rid of Aphids

Now, I am guessing that since you took the time out of your busy schedule to plant a garden, you might actually want to eat the fruits of your labor. has organic solutions to your aphid issues that are safe to use on the fruit and vegetable plants in your garden. Check out all our aphid control products HERE. They are super simple to use, just spray directly onto the aphids you see and onto the plants that you’d like to protect. can help you crash that aphid party and keep your garden from becoming the venue for the next aphid rave.

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