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Ankle Biter Mosquitoes

If you are reading this blog, you are most likely well aware of the dreaded Ankle Biters! Aka, the Aedes Mosquito or the Container Breeders, the Ankle Biters are here and they are out for blood!

I’m sure you can relate, you take the dog to the park and the next morning you wake up with 10-15 mosquito bites or you just want to have a relaxing night on the back patio but doing so would require a blood transfusion.

What Are Ankle Biter Mosquitoes?

Aedes or Ankle Biter Mosquito

Well, apparently back in 2015 the Aedes or Ankle Biter mosquito hitched a ride on a shipping container and ended up here in the greatest country in the world, the grand ole US of A. Because they are not native to the United States, they don’t have any natural predators, thus the reason why their numbers continue to increase year after year. During the hot summer months the Ankle Biter mosquito can turn from egg to an adult in as little as 7 days! Why are they called Ankle Biters you ask? Well stay with me I know this may be confusing BUT, the Ankle Biters are called Ankle Biters because they tend to stay low and bite your ankles and feet! Genius! HaaHaa!

Ankle Biter mosquitoes are also called container breeders because they like to breed in small containers. This could be anything from standing water in your potted plant saucers to patio drains. Anywhere there is standing water could be a breeding ground for the Ankle Biters.

How To Get Rid of Ankle Biter Mosquitoes.

If you have had any encounters with the Ankle Biters you will know how aggressive they are, and they don’t just bite at night, in fact they are a breed that attacks in the daytime. What can you do to protect yourself and your family from getting bit? Take a look at the image below, these are common breeding areas.

Ankle Biter Breeding Areas

Now it is time for the big guns! has many options when it comes to Ankle Biter control. We have everything to treat your lawn and landscape as well as mosquito traps. Click here to visit all of our professional mosquito control products. Remember, when treating for mosquitoes, consistency is key, always read the label for retreatment time frames and you will be successful in your fight against the bloodsucking Ankle Biters!

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