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Burning Down The House – Spider Blog

I saw a spider in my bathtub, so I grabbed a tissue and then very, very carefully burned the house down.

Hold up. Wait a minute. No need to burn down your house.

Yes, it is springtime and spiders seem to be showing up all over the place, but that is still no reason to bust out the lighter fluid and the matchbook you still have from 1982.

Spiders are clearly not a fan favorite and deserve the bad rap they have. Those eight legs and beady eyes are enough to send even the manliest men running for the hills.

Let me fill you in on some springtime spider fun facts:

While it might seem like spiders are just now making their way into your home, most likely they have already been there. They find a nice, cozy hiding place where they chill for the winter months. Once the weather starts warming up and they get hungry, it is time to get their grub on. And given that the warmth of spring brings out all sorts of pests, that means spiders have lots of food source options. Basically, it’s a buffet of all the spider’s favorite meals: ants, fruit flies, midges, other spiders, and even moths, roaches, and wasps.

During the spring, there’s no shortage of all these insects. And, with so many different bugs to choose from, spiders will find no shortage of food. If you happen to have these bugs in your home, there would be no reason for spiders to leave.

So, what can be done about your spider situation?

Well, the obvious first step in getting rid of spiders long-term is to shut down that buffet. Once that food comes out, the spider eggs hatch and come out looking for a good hearty meal. Once their bellies are full, they begin the search for the perfect mate so they can do the deed (bom chicka wow wow!) and have lots of spider babies.

What else? Well, they don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing! Get busy cleaning your house and get rid of all that clutter that spiders and their food sources enjoy. In addition, locate and seal any holes or cracks in your foundation, around doors and windows, and anywhere else spiders might creep and crawl into your home.

I realize all this spider talk is far from comforting but have no fear, has made it their business to be well-versed in all things spider so you don’t have to. We got you! The final and most important step in dealing with springtime spiders is to click HERE for super-effective, high-quality, professional-grade spider exterminating products that will ensure that your springtime is spider-free and that you’ll have no reason to burn down your house


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